Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why We Work Together #8: Because We Are One Body

Our last Fayette County Youth Network meeting was our largest one ever! And we had United Methodists, Baptists, Non-denominationals, Pentecostals, Free Methodists, and C&MA people all in the same room - but talking about one thing: helping teenagers know and grow in Jesus. This group is planning to do six or seven events together over the course of the upcoming school year. Why?

1) To help reinforce the spiritual truths that all of us want to hammer home to our students

2) To reach out to students with the Gospel in ways that no one church could do on their own

3) To help connect our students so that when they see each other at school there is encouragement and accountability

Although we have many theological and methodological differences, we all have the same ultimate goal - to see God transforming young people's lives and to see the body of Christ grow. We ARE one body and it is always exciting to see that spiritual truth actually happening. I'm looking forward to a great year with these great friends.

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