Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why We Work Together #7: Because It Unleashes Creativity!

Pictured Above: The Greensburg Youth Network

For five years our Westmoreland County Youth Network has done a student evangelism conference each August to equip and inspire students to share Christ with their friends at school. This year's conference needed revamping on several levels, so we approached a different group of youth pastors in the area and asked them what they would want to see a conference of this type look like for their students. The part of the brainstorming that excited me the most was when we went around the room and asked, "If you could share one concept related to evangelism with students for 15 minutes, in one word what would that be?". The words that came out were: service, confidence, love, culture, individuality, dialogue, and party. So these words are going to be our workshop topics for this conference on August 21st - a few of them seem obviously important, but several of those are unclear enough that I think students' curiosity will get the best of them and they'll go just to find out "What's that all about?". The different youth pastors in the group contributed not only content ideas, but resources that I believe will make this one of the best student evangelism conferences we've ever had. I'm always amazed to see what comes about when God's people put their minds and hearts together!

Visit if you're interested in bringing students to this conference!

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome guys. My name is Chris Arnold by the way. I run a blog called I am also the worship leader at Ben Davis's youth group called Velocity. Check out my blog sometime if you can. I'm glad there are youth pastors getting together and laboring for the next generation to fall in love with our great Sovereign King! Praise God! Awesome stuff guys.