Monday, May 19, 2008

Mission Accomplished

May 15th, and 16th was the culmination of a whole year's worth of work. We began this past school year last August with Unleashed: the Student Leadership Conference, equipping students to be spiritual leaders in their schools. Then we had Ignition 2007, our school year kick off event at which we were mobilizing almost 700 students to participate in See You At The Pole and to pray for 5 of their friends who don't know Christ throughout the school year. In January, we had the Campus Checkup events at which students, teachers, and youth pastors got together to talk about the spiritual condition of our schools. The purpose of the campus checkups was to encourage students to finish the school year well. And last Thursday and Friday nights we had Released to Reach the World dinners in Uniontown and Greensburg - we were celebrating the end of the school year. It was amazing to hear students at both events share what God has been doing in their schools this past year. I think the adults who came were amazed to hear such things coming out of such young people (I know, I sounded old right there!). In between those events, we and youth pastors in the area have been busy helping students lead their campus ministries, doing outreach events, and helping new Christian clubs get started.

And now we are busy preparing for next school year - another year of equipping, mobilizing, encouraging, and celebrating with students as they see God work through them to reach their generation for Christ.