Monday, October 03, 2011

"Courageous" Movie Had A Great Opening Weekend

I have been pretty passionate about this film for several reasons - 1) I love youth ministry and nothing will help kids grow in Christ more than if their fathers become spiritual leaders in their homes. 2) The movie is very well done - it's funny, it's got action, and it's entertaining. 3) I want to see more good movies made with Christ-centered messages!

So here's what Box Office Mojo said about Courageous' opening weekend...

"Sherwood Pictures' Courageous was the only one of the new releases to improve from estimates to actuals, and it passed 50/50 in the process to take fourth place. The movie debuted to $9.1 million from just 1,161 theaters for a strong per-theater average of $7,806. That's up from the studio's last movie Fireproof ($6.8 million), though the average was off just a bit. The opening ranks fifth all-time for a Christian movie, and only trails The Passion of the Christ and the three Narnia movies. Courageous scored a rare "A+" CinemaScore, and the audience was 53 percent female and 77 percent over the age of 25."

Courageous was the #4 movie of weekend! Making the Top 10 at the box office is a big deal, so making the top 5 is awesome! Finally, here are some comments from people in our area who saw the movie...

The movie courageous a must see – Tom Snyir, Sutersville

You've GOT to see the movie "Courageous"!!!!!!.....bring your tissues, don't say I didn't warn you! ;) - Shelby Young, Irwin

Just got back from Courageous! What a great movie! And I got to see it with my favorite people- my family – Kristy McCoy Clements, Uniontown

Two thumbs up! :) – Amy O’Brien Craig, Greensburg

Courageous is such a good movie! I recommend it to everyone. – Patrick Benjamin Slagle, Uniontown

Just saw COURAGEOUS...I ran out of good!!! – Kerri Pellicione, Greensburg

"Courageous" was so very life changing!...Please see! It is an awsome movie! – Jodi Lee Barnes Cottom, McKeesport

I saw it today! Don't miss it! – Charles King, Dawson

“If you are a dad, I challenge you to go see the movie,"Courageous". I just did. My impression: Life Changing! Go on, go see it! I dare you! – Guy LeVeille, Irwin

It was an awesome movie!! the 7:30 showing at Lowes Theater in the waterfront was sold out too!!! Changing lifes!! – Jonathan Edwards

Really enjoyed "Courageous" eventhough I had trouble hearing it over my wife's crying. It will get those tears flowing... – Drew Patrick, Harrison City

COURAGEOUS is an awesome movie - if you haven't seen it - GO and experience it!! - Bo Pratt, Irwin

Just got home from seeing the movie, what an amazing film! I highly recommend it. – Sharon Ross, Greensburg

We saw the movie "Courageous" with some of our church friends and I encourage everyone to see it....what a fantastic movie! Nancy Pinon Smith, Melcroft

What an awesome movie!!!! Super i give it 10 stars!! As the wife of a police officer its finally great to c a movie tht shows not only thr daily struggles of being a dad but also men who really love the lord and risk there lives to protect us and be right for there families!!!!! Love this!! – Kristy Bell, Uniontown

Courageous gets an A, GO SEE IT., Mat Slagle, Uniontown

LOVED the COURAGEOUS movie!!! I plan on seeing it again soon with my kids and some other families! – Jennifer O’Brien, Elizabeth

Courageous" is a great movie! It was really nice to see a movie that is true to life, very funny and deeply moving, while at the same time also clearly communicating the greatest message of all, the good news of Jesus Christ. Very glad our church took the risk of buying out a whole showing in the local theater to help bring the movie to our town. We filled the whole theater and had a great time watching the film. If you haven't seen it, be sure to get to it when you can. It's definitely worth the time and effort.s a great movie! - Pastor Jack Herman, Uniontown

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