Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Youth Pastors in Fayette County create purity event

I've seen this happen several times in my ministry - God gives a vision to someone that is too big for them to accomplish alone. So they bring it to their network of youth pastors - and find that some of them were thinking the very same thing. And then they work together on it and pull off something bigger than any of them could've dreamed! That happened this past weekend. A youth pastor's wife had a vision for doing a purity event, and she brought it to the network last fall. iPromise, as the event became called, far exceeded our expectations. We were hoping for 75, we had room for 140, and 189 showed up! It was a powerful evening of helping students grasp God's plan for love, dating, and sex. A city skyline was the backdrop for the worship, drama, speakers, and video. Appetizers, a chocolate fountain, fruit punch, and lots of mingling made up the front end of the night. A challenge to commit to sexual purity closed the night out. We want to say a very big thank you to Larry & Michelle Georgiana for all of their hard work on this event!


Kregar Community Church Youth Group said...

Sounds like a wonderul night...our group is going to try to attend the Silver Ring Thing event at Cornerstone Ministries on March 27th.

Kregar Community Church Youth Group said...

...that should be wonderful.