Thursday, November 20, 2008

A legend of Youth Ministry visits our area

Okay, I'm sure Duffy Robbins would disagree, but I don't think I exaggerate when I say that Duffy Robbins has 'legendary' status in the world of youth ministry. Yeah, I know, you shouldn't put people on a pedestal, but Duffy does have that "youth ministry guru" aura about him. Anyway, we were able to have him here on November 15th to do an "Understanding Your Teenager" workshop (attended by 150 parents who were laughing almost 3 hours straight) and he spoke at our 2nd Annual Youth Pastors Appreciation Dinner at the Word of Life Banquet Room. His message to us that night was that even in the ugly, messy things that happen, God can be creating new life. God works in the most surprising ways and when we least expect Him to do so. About 60 youth leaders were present and were encouraged to not let what you see keep you from experiencing what God is doing where we can't see. Duffy is pictured here with two of our newest youth pastors in the area - Stevan Sheets at Armbrust Wesleyan and Rigel Holmes at Greensburg Alliance Church.


Stevan said...

is the "legend" the one in the MIDDLE of the picture?

Travis Deans said...

Hey Stevan, yes, you are THAT legend!