Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the joy of living out one's calling

Three times in the past five days, I've been able to experience the joy of fulfilling the passion of my heart - getting people connected with each other. On Saturday at Unleashed: the Student Leadership Conference, I was able to introduce a girl who's is starting to lead her to school's Bible Club this year with another girl in the next school over who is leading her Bible club this year. They really hit it off. I know they'll encourage and spur each other on through this school year (pictured right).
All summer, I've been trying to set up a meeting with one of our local high school principals and some youth pastors. We finally got to have that meeting on Monday. Only one of the guys was able to make it, but the principal was so open to us and gave us some great insight into what's happening at that school. We left really excited and encouraged. I loved being able to help connect my youth pastor friend with the principal at the school where most of his kids go.

Then yesterday, I met a couple youth pastors for lunch for the express purpose of helping them get to know each other. They're both in the same town, but didn't really know each other. Now they're gonna play raquetball together sometime soon. Man, I love this job. This is what I was born to do.

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