Thursday, November 30, 2006

Youth Specialties Convention in Cincinnati

Judy and I went out to Cincinnati for the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention the weekend before Thanksgiving. I helped the National Network of Youth Ministries guys (which we - TFC - are a local chapter of) with the registration process (they do the orientation for first-timers and introduce them to the Network). These conventions are amazing. Imagine hanging out with 5000 youth leaders for 4 days!! It is fun and God is there. We ran into a lot of friends including Dave & Kelly Grimm from Harvest Assembly in Derry (Dave is our Latrobe/Derry network coordinator), Tom & Shannon Shrum from Armbrust Wesleyan in Greensburg (Tom is our Greensburg Network coordinator), and Roseann Sworts, Jason Freyer, and Abby Rissler from various presbyterian churches in Westmoreland County (Roseann is our Alle-Kiski area network coordinator). Judy and I are pictured on the left with Dave & Kelly Grimm and the picture on the right is of the main stage where the general sessions took place. If you are a youth leaders who has never been to one of these, you've got to do it sometime.

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